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CN-101573198-A: Improved pipe cutting apparatus and method of using the same patent, CN-101573199-A: Tapered turning lathe patent, CN-101573663-A: Black matrix high sensitive photoresist composition for liquid crystal display and black matrix prepared by using the same patent, CN-101573742-A: 视频显示装置和视频显示方法 patent, CN-101573791-A: High-z structure and method for co-alignment of mixed optical and electron beam lithographic fabrication levels patent, CN-101574010-A: 二维参考信号序列 patent, CN-101574449-A: Chinese medicament for treating senile acute and chronic prostatitis patent, CN-101574895-A: Widened train wheel rim patent, CN-101575411-A: Polymer and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell, and fuel cell system including the same patent, CN-101575941-A: Valveless single-cylinder low or middle wind pressure downhole air hammer patent, CN-101576390-A: Method for using three-dimensional satellite to navigate patent, CN-101579046-A: 一种捕鲤鱼、鲫鱼的专用饵 patent, CN-101579076-A: Buckwheat wet noodle and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101579465-A: 用于降低血糖与血脂和治疗糖尿病的药物组合物 patent, CN-101579533-A: 新型空气清新盒 patent, CN-101579718-A: Nut shaping machine rod mechanism with double force patent, CN-101579783-A: Welding process of hydrogenation reaction kettle cylinder body patent, CN-101581125-A: 一种连体砖 patent, CN-101581180-A: 隐蔽式金库门中门 patent, CN-101581200-A: 一种120钢级钻杆及其制造工艺方法 patent, CN-101582051-A: 一种调整内存的方法和装置 patent, CN-101583165-A: Inter-standard switching method ensuring lossless transmission of packet-switched domain data and device patent, CN-101583297-A: Toothbrushes patent, CN-101583790-A: Fuel injector comprising a coupler patent, CN-101584607-A: System and method for calibrating a surgical instrument patent, CN-101584623-A: Vitreous hummor cutter patent, CN-101585079-A: Low-pressure casting filling method and low-pressure casing filling equipment used by same patent, CN-101585592-A: Rotational flow type active sludge biochemical treatment device provided with inner cylinder patent, CN-101585629-A: 高浓度医疗废水的生物滤池处理系统 patent, CN-101585670-A: 高强水泥熟料及其生产方法 patent, CN-101586143-A: 调节肺炎球菌荚膜多糖的生产 patent, CN-101586187-A: 一种新型以天然气为燃料用转底炉冶炼红土镍矿的方法 patent, CN-101586891-A: Regenerative generation-absorption system and high temperature second absorption heat pump patent, CN-101587254-A: 触摸感应液晶显示器 patent, CN-101588245-A: 一种身份认证的方法、系统及存储设备 patent, CN-101588619-A: Implement system and service method of next generation all-IP wireless sensor network router patent, CN-101589124-A: Antistatic protective hot melt adhesives patent, CN-101589225-A: 采用螺旋式涡轮的发电系统 patent, CN-101589490-A: Electric battery comprising a mechanical and thermal conditioning system patent, US-4101754-A: Adjusting circuit for use in plasma arc cutting torch patent, CN-101590733-A: 液体容纳体 patent, CN-101590748-A: Image recording device patent, CN-101590920-A: 包装大饼的方法及实现该方法的全自动装饼机 patent, CN-101590941-A: 生活垃圾箱 patent, CN-101590963-A: Generator patent, CN-101593180-A: Method and device for converting SQARQL queries into SQL queries patent, CN-101593519-A: Method and device for detecting speech keywords as well as retrieval method and system thereof patent, CN-101593710-A: 一种在镍铁焊盘上实现焊料互联的工艺方法 patent, CN-101593774-A: P型绝缘体上硅的横向双扩散金属氧化物半导体晶体管 patent, CN-101595714-A: 用于通信网络中的电路交换业务的方法及设置 patent, CN-101596565-A: Two-section type molding method of metal plate patent, CN-101597623-A: 用于固态发酵的流体接种物的快速制备和应用方法及设备 patent, CN-101598131-A: 废酸浓缩泵 patent, CN-101598684-A: 核反应堆压力容器接管安全端焊缝检测设备及其定位方法 patent, CN-101599211-A: System and method for anti-theft alarm of street lamp line patent, CN-101599274-A: 语音增强的方法 patent, CN-101600282-A: Flashlight light control method patent, CN-101600360-A: 含有甘露寡糖的食用组合物 patent, CN-101601131-A: Structure for mounting semiconductor package patent, CN-101601137-A: 可调色照明光源和可控照明方法 patent, CN-101601281-A: 固体摄像装置及其驱动方法以及摄像装置 patent, CN-101601598-A: Epidermis separator patent, CN-101602456-A: Elevator car roof protective device patent, CN-101602857-A: Fluorosilicone acrylic resin for bonding slate and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101602958-A: 一种降低含苯汽油中苯含量的方法 patent, CN-101603099-A: Energy-saving and environment-friendly fine deep processing method for beaver rabbit skin patent, CN-101603107-A: 脱除炼铁高炉干法除尘煤气中腐蚀物质的系统及其工艺 patent, CN-101603192-A: Method for preparing porous anodic alumina film by using industrial pure aluminum patent, CN-101603365-A: Plastering device of plasterer patent, CN-101603881-A: 叉车门架模拟试验检测装置 patent, CN-101603933-A: Thermoanalytical instrument patent, CN-101603954-A: β-类兴奋剂的液质联用测定方法 patent, CN-101605238-A: IPTV service fault processing method, device and system patent, CN-101605673-A: Vehicle system, and method patent, CN-101605977-A: Exhaust emission purification control device for internal combustion engine patent, CN-101607828-A: 环保型轻质隔音耐火浇注料 patent, CN-101610900-A: 具有改进的金属粘合的多层结构体的制备方法 patent, CN-101612351-A: Health-care tea for clearing heat, diffusing spleen and removing dampness patent, CN-101612496-A: 耐高温玄武岩纤维复合过滤材料及制备方法 patent, CN-101612777-A: 成型用模具和成型品的制造方法 patent, CN-101613704-A: 一种丹参乙酰CoA酰基转移酶(SmAACT)基因的分析及应用 patent, CN-101614945-A: 光学装置及投影仪 patent, CN-101615466-A: Co-doped SnO2 diluted magnetic semiconductor material preparation method in high magnetic field patent, CN-101616800-A: 近红外线遮蔽薄膜 patent, CN-101617099-A: Thermally-insulating glazing element production and use thereof patent, CN-101617454-A: High-speed charging power supply device and high-speed charging power supply method patent, CN-101618016-A: Method for preparing W/O/W type compound emulsion embedding chlorogenic acid, product and application of W/O/W type compound emulsion patent, CN-101618339-A: 一种钛硅分子筛的改性方法 patent, CN-101619325-A: Method for producing periplaneta americana allergen protein Per a 5 in baculovirus-insect expression system patent, CN-101619341-A: 用于有机污染物浓度与降解效能检测的转化株及其检测方法 patent, CN-101619413-A: 一种高硅镀锌钢板和镀液及热镀工艺 patent, CN-101619706-A: Wind turbine blade with lightning receptor and method for protecting the surface of a wind turbine blade patent, CN-101620038-A: Multi-functional gas sampling system and gas sampling method patent, CN-101620238-A: Transfer mechanism for target object to be inspected patent, CN-101620635-A: Page data obtaining method and server, page updating method and server patent, CN-101620907-A: Broad temperature low standby power consumption FPT type soft magnetic ferrite and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101622272-A: 改良toll样受体5刺激活性的修饰的鞭毛蛋白 patent, CN-101622787-A: 集成电路熔丝阵列 patent, CN-101623050-A: 猪只安全预混合饲料及其生产方法 patent, CN-101623466-A: Enema Chinese medicinal composition for treating pelvic inflammation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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